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Full Version: I need help plzz
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[Image: 4EFC8.jpg]

how fix this security issues Huh[/align]
Please post the contents of both those templates.
(2012-08-08, 09:08 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: [ -> ]Please post the contents of both those templates.

thank yoou , in attachment
Please find them attached below. Smile
thanks ,

i will replace it Smile

second file not fixed Sad


The following errors were encountered:

A potential security issue was found in the template. Please review your changes or contact the MyBB Group for support.


[Image: FRJSZ.jpg]
Sorry - missed a bit Wink

Please find the newly attached file below.
you are great

thank you Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

[Image: mw1nN.jpg]