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Full Version: Wanna some testers
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Please, if you are no interested in testing plugins that my broke any kind of MyBB forum, go away.

I would like my forum to be active enough to have users I could ask this favor from, but well, it doesn't Dodgy

Anyways, I have some couple of "free" plugins to release, but I would like somebody to test them first (though I try to test them enough I'm not perfect, there may be obvious bugs) before releasing them.

What everybody may be waiting for, Payment:
- My gratitude (come on guys, this is close to begging you for me).

I would like that any interested user has at least some acknowledgment about coding MyBB plugins.

Please PM me if you are interested or post here and I will pm you with the plugin files.
i don't have that much of knowledge in mybb plugins development but i would love to test them out , i know a friend of mine he got a great knowledge in mybb plugins will ask him to check it out as well Smile