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Full Version: PLease help
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ok i have tried to change the logo image in images to one that i wish to use i have uploaded it and it still hasn´t changed from the mybb

i have designed my own logo and is uploaded on the host so what am i doing wrong?
How have you tried to change it?  You need to go into modify theme and change it there. That's done in AdminCP.
admin cp> themes > modify/delete> edit theme style> "Forum Logo
The URL of the image to display as the forum logo in this theme." put the url or directory of the logo in there.
He should be able to upload his new image over the old one as long as it's named the same as the original MyBB logo image. I did with no issues. image name is logo.gif
Change /public_html/images/logo.gif with a new file named logo.gif and you are done.
Performance Wrote:/public_html/images/logo.gif

Thats how U installed mybb it can also be:



/root/forum/your theme/images/logo.gif
/root/mybb/your theme/images/logo.gif

root = main website