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Full Version: How to make plugins.
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I am planning on making plugins for MyBB Community and I don't know which tutorial to use.

I want to use the tutorial below but I don't know if the tutorial is OK or not because the tutorial is old and I want to make a plugin with a tutorial that is new or if the tutorial below still works please let me know or post a recommended tutorial below.

(2012-08-21, 02:54 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]

Thanks, but that tutorial was made in 2009 so it won't affect the plugin creation right?
No, its ever green tutorial Toungue
(2012-08-21, 03:02 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]No, its ever green tutorial Toungue

Cool, also do you know where I can find all plugin hooks.
Thanks for the help Yaldaram.