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Full Version: Need to delete/change "Board Statistics" text
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Hi all,

I am not sure this is the right place to post this.

I am trying to edit my board statistics. However, I also need to change the text "Board Statistics" to "Member Update". I could not manage to do it.

Please help.

Thanks for reading!
Open ./inc/languages/english/index.lang.php and find;
$l['boardstats'] = "Board Statistics";
and Change Board Statistics to Member Update. Do not touch the double quotes or any thing else.
Or I suppose a simpler way which doesn't involve directly editing the language files:

Admin CP > Configuration > Languages > Options (on your current language pack) > Edit Language Variables > index.lang.php > Change the one which says "boardstats"

Similarly, you can check out the stats.lang.php and edit the names there as well.
Thanks to both of you!