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Full Version: What is wrong with my sub-forums?
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Hi all,

I just completed changing all the images for forums on homepage. There seems to be a problem and it is when I click on a forum that has a sub-forum, it does not show the image and the post and thread numbers are not properly aligned. Check this for instance

Any help is greatly appreciated.
You've to either revert forumdisplay_subforums template back to default or have to add width="XXpx" attribute in <td> s
I have added width="XXpx" into <td> tag, it did not work. But it is also the image on the left problem. How can I add an icon to them? I reverted it, it seems to work. Can you check now? Image is still problem.
After adding that attribute, have you changed XX to the numeric value in px ?
(2012-08-23, 08:43 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]After adding that attribute, have you changed XX to the numeric value in px ?

I really do not understand what you meant by this. As I told you, I am very new, 2 week since I started thisSmile I sent you a PM.
He means that you need to change XX to a number. Example: 50

Which would look something like:

<td width="50px">

But if you're doing it like this, don't use px after the number. The width attribute for <td> doesn't require it. So it would look like:

<td width="50">
Paste the entire code of the forumdisplay_subforums template and I'll edit it for you.
I think I got it. Please check "Suggestions & Feedbacks" subforum and how it looks when you click on it forum "News&Announcements". I appreciate "Yaldaram" for his huge help in this. And you "Tecca" for your continuous support.
You guys are just great.
Rep you guys definitely.