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Full Version: Which web hosting company is best for MyBB?
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I was using my brother's hosting company (Dreamhost), but the php mail was not working. I am thinking of getting GoDaddy because I buy domains from them. Which hosting company should I get?
(08-23-2012, 05:17 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]See this:

I do not see Go Daddy. Will it work on Go Daddy without a hitch?
MyBB will work on most hosts which support the required version of PHP and MySQL. For more on MyBB's requirements, have a look at this document. I would suggest Hawkhost as their prices and quality are better than most hosts out there.
GoDaddy will work, but I wouldn't suggest them due to a few horror stories I've heard.
MyBB will work on most good providers and you will see for and against comments about all of them. I chose MDD Hosting after reading so much good feedback, and I'm very happy with them after 1 year.
We got it working with DreamHost. We have to contact them and they made a mail folder for the emails. It works now.
I advise you to stay away from GoDaddy's hosting services. Google for their reviews and you will know why.

Like others have mentioned, basically nearly any standard cPanel hosting company can support MyBB. If in doubt, contact your potential host to check with them. Smile