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Full Version: Search Box Incorrectly Aligned
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(2012-08-28, 12:06 AM)Ryan Loos Wrote: [ -> ]Noticed a while ago and assumed I missed the thread where someone reported it. lol


I browse with Fennec a lot... So most of this site is messed up anyways Toungue.
Chrome as well .. same problem
No, its still as it was.
I still have the same way.
You need to update your chrome browser. Opera rocks!
(2012-08-28, 08:01 PM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]You need to update your chrome browser. Opera rocks!

Opera was very sluggish and had a terrible UI when I tried it a few months ago.
Working fine on my mobile.
Newest version of chrome breaks it. It breaks a lot of the css in the header.
I get the same thing. The search button is visible, its under the search field.
I think we have confirmed it is a problem by now... Wink

Someone with access will have to apply fix necessary.
* Ryan Loos looks vaguely at Justin
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