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Full Version: $validator_extra
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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knew how i'd go about creating a validation error like this:

I've had a look through member.php and found: $validator_extra (which I believe it is), does anyone know what the parameters are or how i'd go about doing this?

Thanks Smile
You can check how other plugins do it: Registration Security Question.
Cheers Omar

i've grabbed this snippet:

$validator_extra .= "\tregValidator.register('regsecureans', 'ajax', {url:'xmlhttp.php?action=validate_question', extra_body: 'regsecureq_id', loading_message:'{$lang->regq_checking}', failure_message:'{$lang->regq_wrong_answer}'});\n";

from that plugin.

'regsecureans', 'ajax', {url:'xmlhttp.php?action=validate_question', extra_body: 'regsecureq_id',

What would I use for the above snippet?

Thanks Smile
To be honest Vernier, I'm just starting to learn JavaScript as well, so I can't help you more that than Blush
No worries Omar, thank you for replying
Perhaps someone such as a developer might know Smile

Thanks again Big Grin
Bump, does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks Smile
I don't know how to do that exactly, but I just made my first ajax type plugin (and that is what that is) with a lot of help from Tomm - the step by step guide is over on Xekko.

Maybe it will help with the ajax call, or shed some light at least.