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Full Version: [PAID] Need a simple wordpress theme to match a mybb theme
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Title says it all, need a wordpress theme to match my mybb theme.

Please either post your timeframe and required amount here, or PM me.

For info theme, is really simple, for someone who knows what they are doing, and shouldn't take too long.

MyBB Theme is Luxure by Audentio design.
You (not you specifically, but someone) can probably edit Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten to look exactly like that theme (if it's the one I'm thinking of).

Audentio will also do this for you, but not cheaply.
Yeah, i tried exactly that, even tried a few online generators and got a bit along...

but finally figured, "I need an expert"...
Hey there, if you'd like you can send a request through the Audentio system. ^.^
I can do something like this, I can create custom Wordpress themes. I sent you a PM.