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Full Version: Forum unlcok||Theme
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Hello all,
Today I've created a new MyBB forum.
Since im a newbie,I dont know any functions/settings.
I've added boards and categories.
Now I see that my forum boards and categories are locked and requires verification password to enter.
How could I solve that/unclock my forum?

2)My forum is using MyBB default theme and I want to change the theme.
But there isnt any theme as options and they're asking me to create new theme.
I dont know anything about HTML scripting and while choosing create new theme option they are asking some thing to edit like HTML options.
Can someone tell what should I do to add new theme/change theme?

Thank you.
AdminCP-->Template and Themes-->Create a new theme
Yes thats what I told.
But it asks some other options when I choose Create New theme.
I dont know how to create a theme.

In that option they're asking some configurations of files.
What should i do?
When you make a new theme chose the image folder of the theme and with your FTP make the folder and then create a set of template that will be used for this theme and choose this in theme options
I dont know whether this is a noobish question but Im asking because im new.
Which FTP should we use?

Cute FTP or Filezilla?
And in these we must also type IP,pass and Port.
The website just gave me user+pass.

Btw how could I unlock my forum?
Filezilla your host have sent this information by email
Thank you but now my forum is asking for verification password while clicking a board.
And I typed my password and accessed but for other users,it is Locked.
Can you help me in removing that?
Is locked? Can you give me the url of your site?
I see the default theme mybb is installed correctly
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