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Full Version: Plugin and management services
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I'm looking to make a few plugins (I need $50 ASAP). If you have any plugin needs or help managing any aspect of your forum send me a PM.

PM offers, reply with questions.
I'm PM'ing you now with a plugin request Smile
I have sent you a private message.
Ill pm you my plugin request.
Paul is very nice guy and an excellent coder as well, however I don't really need to say this. I've worked with him in past and it was a pleasure, I recommend him. Just adding my 2 cents to whoever maybe concerned.
I have purchased a custom plugin and he did it 100% exactly as I wanted it. Thank you very much!
Thanks for the vouches!
sent you a PM.
Just got another plugin created, and it was flawless. Thank you so much!
Any reason you ignored my PM?
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