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Full Version: [PAID] Looking for someone to make my website
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What I am looking for:

- Installation of MyBB and all future upgrades.
- Custom-created theme to fit my specification.
- Moderate successful advertising through the web on your resume/portfolio/etc.
- Installation of various plugins that I deem needed.
- Registration of my domain + finding a preferable hosting service for me to use.
- Ability to communicate with me directly in a live environment (chat IM, Skype call, etc). Email is alright for future upgrades but I prefer to get to know you a bit.

I am willing to pay up to $1500.00 USD. Please message me in private here for more information.

I should also mention: I will not hire any developer/themer that does not contribute a lot on this site and has a outstanding reputation, or does not have a certification or degree in programming. I don't mind the latter as much if you can supply enough of the former.
PM sent.
Private Message Sent to you. Kindly Check. Smile
PM sent. Smile
Honestly, I got a message that looks like this:

Quote:I can set up your MyBB Board and help you run it including upload plugins and advertise.

Please give me contact details, a little about yourself, your experience in the field, and why YOU specifically want to help me. That goes for anyone that messages me, thanks.
Hmm, well, that would go both ways right? I am willing to tell you about my experience in MyBB and so on, but personal information is not needed at an early stage.

I think the easiest answer on why anyone would want to help YOU is because you are paying them.

You will no doubt get a lot of replies - I hope you are serious in your offer and do check the references of the person you hire.
I never asked for "personal information", I don't need to know so much information, just enough so we can be on "friendly" terms beyond just some professional agreement.

Anyways, I've accepted an offer. Smile
Good luck with your forum, i hope it turns out to be as good as you want it to be and I look forward to seeing the finished product in the showcase.