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Hi. Would it be worth creating an official youtube account for MyBB, and uploading video tutorials to the channel for the MyBB Users.
I think it would be pretty neat having video+audio walkthroughs for the software, and would be able to provide better support for the users?
And ideas on the matter?
MyBBOfficial is a username I have registered. (I might be able to surrender it to MyBB, if necessary)

I'd be willing to run that, or simply an unofficial channel too.
Here's a past tutorial of mine from May 2012.

If I were to be able to run an official/unoffical channel, I can have it partnered immediately due to my current partnership with - That would entail me getting 100% of revenue, so you know. (As in MyBB themselves wouldn't gain profits, unless I donated part of the check I would get from monetization)
Here's some info on that:
I've considered making an unofficial one in the past, I"ll bring it up internally.
What about just creating tutorials and uploading them to that channel?
Not necessarily doing anything "Official"
Tom Kent made some actually.
Toms youtube channel hasnt uploaded in 7 months. Nor are they voice tutorials.
Ask him and I bet he'd fix that soon. I have enough audio recording equipment I could even dub it with 1080p.
We've talked it over internally and we will be making a youtube account.
(2012-09-08, 03:48 AM)Lo. Wrote: [ -> ]Ask him and I bet he'd fix that soon. I have enough audio recording equipment I could even dub it with 1080p.

But whats the real need for 1080? Toungue
720 is fine, less rendering and uploading times.

Ideas for the username? And who will be running it?
Unfortunately, the MyBB username is taken. I own MyBulletinBoard but I'm sure we would gladly use MyBBOfficial if you offered it to us.
MyBB Was actually closed, along with MyBBoard.
If it were to be donated, what would be uploaded to it? (Just out of curiosity)

And, would you want the partnership?
Branding, custom thumbnails, scheduled uploads, rights to audio I have?
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