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Full Version: Forum Links Not Working
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Hi there,

I've recently come across an error on my forum which I haven't come across until now, which I can't explain very well other than that links with a ? in them don't work properly when posted in a thread.

For example:
This thread here has 2 links to 2 different threads in them, leading

HOWEVER, when you click the links on the forum, they do send you to the correct page (as it looks on the browser) but the forum says the topics do not exist.
If you right click the links themselves and copy the URL, the URLs display like this:

What is causing the %E2%80%8B to appear? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
(09-09-2012, 10:04 AM)brootal Wrote: [ -> ]What is causing the %E2%80%8B to appear? Any ideas?

The special characters in the URL are probably being HTML-escaped.
Please show me the template of your:

1.ShowThread Tempate
2. Forum-Bit Depth 1 Forum

Nevermind, solved it. Was a word-wrap error.