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Full Version: delete all pm in mybb
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anyone know how to delete all users pm in mybb by running sql query? what will be the query?
Run this to delete all private messages:

DELETE FROM `mybb_privatemessages`

You will then need to recount and rebuild the private messages. To do this, run the following querys:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `totalpms`='0'

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `unreadpms`='0'
how to delete all read private messages only? don't want to delete those unread ones. btw thnx for the help.Smile
To delete only unread messages, run this query:

DELETE FROM `mybb_privatemessages` WHERE `NOT status=0`
You can install a pm admin log plugin. You could delete, read and search all PMs on board. I personally like using this plugin because I know what's going on, who sent a PM to who, delete advertising PMs etc. Also good to view discussions between a scammer and victim.



Edit the plugin file and change the compatibility.