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Full Version: Library Placement
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In which file is Prototype loaded, and where would I need to put jQuery so that it's included before Prototype? Also, would this cause any problems?
Prototype loads in the headerincllude. I think you can put jQuery first but you have to fiddle about with no Conflict. On the one page where i DO use jQuery I have proto first, jQuery second. Seems to work ok.
OH lol. It was there this whole time but I've never seen it. xD Anyways guess that makes this thread pointless, please close. Toungue
Add the library in the headerinclude template, make sure that jQuery is not causing conflicts (usually a check to see if the text editor works is enough). Also consider that MyBB releys on prototype for most of the JS features, so jQuery will only be one extra library to load, do you really need it that much? If you do, the just consider the page load, that is it.

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