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Full Version: Staff needed
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I am looking up to 2 experienced super moderators & 2 moderators to help running of our website and community forum. Before proceeding it is needed that any interested persons be aware that this is a site that is not intended for use by minors (under the age of 18) I want to keep following federal regulations.

Interested persons under the age of 18 need not apply.

Please post here for further information.

I am interested and I fit the requirements, what is the niche of the site and is it a paid position?
I'm over 18 and have 1 year of admin experience from my own board and a few years of staff experience on Anxiety's board. I have a hunch that the board either deals with gambling or pornographic. If it's either one of those then I should say I'm very experience in both strands.
sorry I don't pay.

also hiring mod.

I can't say here what it is.
You haven't pmed me yet....
oh sorry,
I mite be doing this but
I have my other forum to run.
Hello, please PM me. I am interested.
You have 2 members and no content. Why do you need 6 moderators?
The forum hasn't been made yet.

Its now 2 & 2

use to be 2 & 4

Forum has been made. Big Grin

but now I need boards.