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Full Version: Huge increase in spam accounts/posts.
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I'm not sure what's going on but I've had a huge increase of spam accounts etc.

I've not changed anything and have reCaptcha installed.

What do people suggest as a way to stop these spam accounts getting to posting on my forum?
I have used the plugin: "registration security question" for a long time and have never had a bot enter my forum. I dont use a captcha. Just configure the plugin to display a code on the registration page, then they enter that code into the bots ever again Smile
I use that too hiker..and stop forum spam and I am diligent on keeping up with posts so new users can only have three views in forums that unregistered users can reply in. The rest of my forum guests are not permitted to post via the permissions. Since I have done those things I have not had any incidents with spam or spam users that are known to stop forum spam. Also when you make questions make them challenging. Not simple like..what color is the sky.
Actually I give the answer to them:
Security System
This system prevents unauthorized, automated computer robots from registering and spamming the forum.

Please enter this code: 12212012

All they have to do is enter the code. Smile