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Full Version: Change 'time zone' selection info 4 registration process ?
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Would like to change registration process 'time zone' selection to show additional standard time zone and location info, other than just 'GMT'... eg, "GMT +1:00 (02:29PM)".

It appears {$tzselect} is the associated variable, but cant find the associated $lang.

global.lang.php has something like...

$l['timezone_gmt_minus_1000'] = "(GMT -10:00) Hawaii";
$l['timezone_gmt_minus_900'] = "(GMT -9:00) Alaska";
$l['timezone_gmt_minus_800'] = "(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time";
$l['timezone_gmt_minus_700'] = "(GMT -7:00) Mountain Time";

...but doesnt appear to be associated with tzselect.

Where to look for info on {$tzselect} and associated $lang ?
Edit member.php at line 447, change
$tzselect = build_timezone_select("timezoneoffset", $timezoneoffset, true);
$tzselect = build_timezone_select("timezoneoffset", $timezoneoffset, false);
That did it !
Thanks much !