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Full Version: Need staff magical
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Hi, I'm putting together my forum dealing magic and illusion, say you want something good that will eventually grow .. but I need people to be on the staff, moderators and people who are interested and know about it.

Greetings, I hope MP to give more details to people you're interestedWink
Sorry, but I can't find any link to your board.
Sorry I have nothing 'on line', alone in my localhost, but if you're interested send me a PM and I'll tell you a little more & I leave some screenshots.

PS: I forgot to mention that I seek international staff since the forum is in Spanish.
I can do Spanish.

Yo puedo ayudarte con el español!
y tal vez más que esto.

I PM podrás.
(09-21-2012, 04:10 AM)Master24 Wrote: [ -> ]Yo puedo ayudarte con el español!
y tal vez más que esto.

I PM podrás.

Which in English means...

Microsoft Translator Wrote:I can help you with the Spanish!
and perhaps more than that.

I PM you can.
I know Spanish but before finalizing things I would like to see your forum first Smile
MPs submitted. Someone else is interested?

I'm a forum manager by trade and I would be willing to help you in the success of your forums, however is this a paid position?


No. Only interested I also manage forums people just looking to moderate each section and the topic that interests you.

If there is not, then come Smile
(09-21-2012, 02:37 PM)Steeep Wrote: [ -> ]MPs submitted. Someone else is interested?

I am not interested. I don't do Spanish. My post was so people such as myself knew what the heck the post above mine said.
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