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Full Version: lot of missing users (phpBB3->mybb merge)
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Both forums where offline while merging. Now I see a lot of messages written by "guest". There are users missing.

2 hours of merge and now I have to come back to phpbb3 or retry without any guarantee.

There is nothing in the logs folder of the merge system.

Any solution?

209 posts written by guests in phpbb3 board. Now there are 1525.
I can't solve this manually.

Need screenshots? any info?

I think I know the answer:
There is a setting in mybb, related to User registration:
max users with the same IP: 2

And that's why users are imported, but when there are more than 2 with the same IP address, mybb ignores that new user, and thus their messages are written bu "guest".

Bad news, have to retry the merge.

after a new merge, this time with max users per IP = 200, same problem. 1525 guest's posts.