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As of ( August 24, 2012 ) P-NOY.NET is now officially opened with a new niche. After 3 days of coding the theme, doing HTML, PHP, CSS enhancements, installing the plugins, configuring the plugins and configuring the board, its all been set and done now. P-NOY.NET uses an exclusive theme coded by me, its called "Soap Breeze"

P-NOY.NET offers a lot of discussions boards you can choose from. Please register, be active, and invite more members to join our site. Be sure to follow the rules at all times. Thank you.

Feedbacks and or suggestions are all welcome.

We've changed our niche to Pinoy DotA, please join. ( August 28, 2012 )
You have a very plain and ugly registration page. That's all I can review since you haven't linked the index page. In all seriousness, no one is going to register just because you make sure the first link they see is the registration page, that's just completely ridiculous.