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Full Version: What is this ???
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I'm new here... if my post in wrong section... pls move it...

today my forum not open properly

its show like this... pls tell me how to solve this ???

visit :
Are you using gzip compression?

You may want to contact your host about encoding errors.
if i disable gzip compression, it will solve..

Edit :
thanks its solved....
Yes. Disabling GZIP compression should solve the issue.
thanks its solved....

edit :
Pls close this thread.
your style seems to have gone wild.
(09-30-2012, 09:26 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]You need to modify the file permissions on the /cache/themes folder (it's probably best to check the main /cache/ folder too and the /uploads/ folder and subfolders too). They should be writable by the webserver - generally meaning a CHMOD level of 755.
This should fix it
If you look above, the issue is already fixed...
No I just went to their site and saw that the stylesheet is "nonexistent" and you solved something similar in another thread which I have taken the quote from.
Ah, ok then Smile