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Full Version: Mahogany Folk - A Folk, Bluegrass, Indie Forum
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Come by and check us out, I've edited a mybb theme by myself and with some help from others so please any feedback you can give is always helpful!
I like your new nav bar. It's certainly a lot better than it used to be. The only thing I would like to see changed, style-wise, is the background. It makes your theme a little plain. Oh, and the black buttons should be changed to suit the colors a little more.

I like your forum overall, and good luck with it. Keep at it.
Style the pagination a little and match the buttons, then the theme will look very good, also you can remove the container completely or give it a little more padding. Overall looks good, good luck.
Thanks guys,
What do you mean remove the container completely? I did give it a bit more padding just now, is that better? went from 5px to 10px.
I made some changes, is that better? I also made my blog the homepage and put the forum in a sub directory. I've noticed that my SEO is much better this way..
It is looking a lot better: some suggestions >>

Use the same header on the forums as you do on the blog.
Change your forum font to a sans serif
Hmm I will check it. Thanks guys for reporting. You saved me.
(11-09-2012, 05:53 PM)Bala Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm I will check it. Thanks guys for reporting. You saved me.