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Full Version: Download from Mods
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Quote:Download from Mods

Quote:This lets you download stuff from the MyBB mods site straight from your forum. You can aslo style the link by useing the mods-link class.

Regular Expression:

HTML Replacement:
<a href="" class="mods-link">$2</a>

Usage in MyCode:
[mods=goodbye-spammer]Download Goodbye Spammer[/mods]

Output in HTML:
<a href="" class="mods-link">Download Goodbye Spammer</a>
The point of this is?
You can post on your forums for users to download your plugins without having the resouces taken by your site.
then just give a link? Plus this bypasses the TOS on all of the plugins you would provide a link for..
Then have it like Matt has his plugins e.g goodbye spammer so you have to scroll down to download it like on the mods site.