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Full Version: MyBB Experiance
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Iam saying my experiance with MyBB forum. Iam making this post for solving my forum's problems and make my forum more powerful. My forum is:

I installed the MyBulletin theme on to my forum. It looks better than the default. Then I made my own customary changes to the theme.

Problems conserned with the template:

On my forum, you can find that after login, the top menu region left a little of blank region where the register menu displayed before login. This makes a bad look on the menu.

The forum is configured such as to adjust according to the window. This makes the view ugly on smaller window than 800 x 600 resolutions. I tried to change the width from 100% to a fixed size on theme settings, but not working as expected after changing.

Would like to add one more thingon index page with forum discription ( X Viewing ) ie no. of people viewing on each forum as in Vb.


Is there any Cash mod available for MyBb 1.2

I can install the EasyMod properly as well as the Advanced Plugins.

Please give the sugessions and solutions for my problems.
First of all wrong forum, second stop being so selfish and give the due credits to plugin authors and template owners. You have removed the copyright credit of the skin (I am not sure who is the author of that skin, though) and also didn't give credit to SpiceFuse for the SEO plugin. If you didn't remove the credits, please let us know from where did you download the template and the plugins.
Is it necessary to give the credits?

I made many changes on the theme and templates.
You are not the original author, it's not your work. Yes you may have edited and modifyed stuff, but that does not mean you may claim other peoples hard work as your own. This is not only illegal, but it shows as to your ethics.
How screwed up is this world that people don't understand why they have to give credit to peoples great work? >.>