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Is it possible to merge a backup of a database?
I've read the merge support so please help...
You can, but you're going to get duplicate threads/posts...

In your backup, open it with a text editor and replace the table prefix. For example, change mybb_ to mybbackup_. When you run the merge script, use this as your new table prefix. You can import the backup into the same schema as your live instance.
So I have a .sql backup from the ACP so I just change it to mybbbackup?
My host are fixing my cPanel...
Isn't there another way to do it?
What do you mean they are "fixing" your cPanel? What's wrong with it? If it's going to take them a while, you can just upload your own copy of phpMyAdmin from this site:
Heres a pic of my cPanel:
[spoiler][Image: Vs5it.png][/spoiler]
I think you need a new host...
Why would I need a new host they are fixing it...
A new host may help.
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