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Full Version: [Request] Smiley Pack
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Hello !

I would like a smiley pack. Alots of smilieys...
Maybe there is already some here. But I cant find them.

Thanks !

btw, how do I install this ?

I'll put it into :

And there, i'll upload all my files. I mean images. PNG-Pictures.

And how do I upload all in once. All at the same time, so i dont have to type the url of the picture all the time.

I dont understand how I add multiple smilies.
Please, help !

Go into your Admin-CP where you can manage your Emoticons. There's a button "Add multiple Smilies".
And I tell what folder I have the smilies in? Right...

Ok, its fixed. THANKS !! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin