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Full Version: Merge vBulletin -> myBB Threads/Thread Order
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Question about the Merge system from vBulletin, and I'm not even all that positive if it's something most people care about. One of the forums I run is very 'threaded view' oriented, which is fine but sometime a bit of a pain *grins*

I'm looking to switch from vBulletin with some concessions (and a mod I no longer have to maintain Whew) However I noticed one thing. The Thread parents get lost.

For Example, here is a thread on my current vBulletin Forum:

[Image: swvb.png]

After the Merge, the Thread looks like this:

[Image: swmbb.png]

As you can see, it doesn't maintain it's thread parents and seems to add them all in-line to the main post.

(The & replacement on this specific thread really doesn't bother me, that isn't any sort of big deal, the time also seems off, again not a huge deal since at least the dates are correct)

Is this expected behavior for the Merge System? Perhaps a Bug? Or just something went sideways with my conversion/merge?

So far, like what I see with mybb, and the thread support makes it viable for this site. So I thought I'd ask.

Much Thanks
Perhaps I can go a different route with the question then..

Does the vBulletin Merge System require a specific version of vBulletin 3.x? I can't imagine the schema has changed that much throughout the series, but mayhaps this is part of the issue.

It shouldn't require a specific version; all of them should work the same. I'm not sure if importing threading is supported, I'll flag this for a developer to look at.