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Full Version: Fulcrum - gaming guild
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Hey guys/gals, hoping to get some feedback/suggestions on our site, the theme I've used has been modified but was based on this theme. I did remove the credit to the original Author only because the links embedded were dead, I later found this forum with his post, I will add back in a link to credit him properly.

Please take a look and let me know what you think, there are several things I'd like to change but I'm learning as I go and it's a slow pace for me.


Right off the bat, I think you need the picture resize plugin. (Based on that World of Warcraft picture on the portal)
the white borders around your buttons look awful.
Agreed, still looking for some decent buttons, these were better than the awful blue ones.. Know of any decent buttons that might work?
Honestly, you should be using CSS buttons, image buttons are dead.
Hey Brad-t, took you up on your suggestion, give it a look and let me know what you think.