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Please join us at:
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Staff needed (from Moderators to Admins)
Help needed for "Ranks" and awards.
I think you need to post some to get the activity up. Some sections have 0 posts.
I know please sign up and help me posting Smile
Don't forget to put Mario as you referer
Some things you need to work on:

> Change your theme, it doesn't look all that great. Stick with the darker themes though.

> You need to add tabs to the top of your website! It's just the forums, and you need to make it more convenient for members to switch between pages. (ex. Memberlist/Search/Upgrade/etc.)

> Buy a domain, sub domains are less attractive and can be an inconvenience when people are using the URL box.

> Get rid of your chatbox until your forum gets a little more have like two people that use it and it just is a waste of space.

> Your links at the bottom need to be fixed, they lead to another website:
[Image: hnZZz.png]
(10-20-2012, 06:03 PM)MarioG Wrote: [ -> ]

Give the forum link, not the register link. In any case when I am getting 'tricked' into something I will immediately walk away from it when I realize it. Giving the referral link is dubious man.
I don't get why you need - - 3 admins, with 6 members.
Judging by op's forum I bet my right testicle he's not over the age of 14.
I was thinking this would have either been a Mafia discussion forum or a Role Playing forum but it seems I was wrong, or perhaps misread lol.