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Full Version: Random Failed Import
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[Image: IU6UA.png]

Any ideas on the cause, and a fix?
Make sure you do this phpmyadmin is the best. Make a new DB not overwriting your current one import it into there then use the merge system and merge that DB into your site.
Beat you to it...
So have you fixed????
No, that's what I always do, this is the only one I've had issues with.
OK let me test it give me 2 secs.
You gave me the .rar, So it wasn't direct from the ACP :/
I was uploading the .rar, as by default it's -__-, so it seems I just had to extract the sql, trying now.
OK thats why sorry for the mistake.
Yep, not 100% what I was planning on getting... but it worked, thanks.
No problem.