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Full Version: One quote
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Hey guys, I have been wondering for a while whether it was possible to disable multiquotes (quotes within quotes; quoteception, if you will).

Basically, after a few quotes from people, it becomes quite annoying seeing double, triple and even quadruple (if not more) quotes inside each other and then a short reply. I am not asking to have this feature disabled completely, but instead have it so that when someone quotes a post, they only quote what the person said, not what they quoted and replied to.

If someone who is experienced with MyBB file structure and code could help me with this, it would be very great. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
What you're trying to disable is nested quotes. This is a default feature. Search for "Maximum Nested Quote Tags" in the settings.
Darn, the answer to my question was right under my nose the whole time... Thanks!