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Full Version: Railways Australia
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Site Name: Railways Australia

We created Railways Australia so that users could have access to a more user-friendly site, eg less tolerance of crap and abuse, allowing users to share a joke or three, as well as to create a enjoyable and informative site.

Naturally, as I transferred it from phpBB yesterday afternoon, there's a lot of work to be done, however, I feel that it's ok to advertise.
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Thanks Nathan.

Should be fixed
Too many forums.
(10-26-2012, 10:54 PM)Kolton T. Wrote: [ -> ]Too many forums.

Err, no.

We went through this, the other admin and myself.

Since we are actually covering the *whole* country, we need a forum for each respective state. Sydney Suburban is my little hole, where I hide,

Then there's forums on Busses, Ferries, And trucks, Special interest groups, then off topic and Armchair Operators.

I'm actually debating removing the sub-forums, however.
Unless it's official then he's right, too many sections. You have plenty of sections not needed which aren't states too. I'm surprised you made this error since I'm sure you are one of the users who calls out forums with too many sections here.
I'm not actually the one that did the forums. That being said, I am creating a "Version 2" which will fix that.