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Full Version: MyBB API
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Hey everyone!

I was looking for an API to use to easily integrate MyBB with other software, and all i found was a thread of someone making it, but they are banned now so I will start making this since i believe it will be very helpful to developers.

If you have any suggestions for the API (such as functions to use) please, let me know!
I've been thinking of writing one for IcyBoards, but I found none of my members know what an API is or what to do with it. I believe i read somewhere that MyBB 2.0 will be including an API as part of the baseline package. It's still a ways out though.
MyBB 2.0 will indeed include an API. I believe there was an API written for MyBB 1.4 somewhere around here too.
The first one is actually very close to what I want. I was planning on having an API class that other web apps could use, and a page that an external application could call