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Full Version: >>< URGENT << Can anyone help with this ..... ??
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I have my Forums up @

And, am adding severl threads and new forums to the list
at the site .... I am now finding that, when adding a new
Forum ... the 'parent' seems to have disappeared off of
the drop-down list so .. I can't add new forums under
that 'parent'.

This is happening with several of the 'parents' .. they are
disappearing .... the ones I am referring to are in the
Middle of the list so, it's not that I have to scroll anywhere
to see them ... they are just NOT there, now !

What do I do to get them back so I can continue?

Desperate .... David



It's OK ... they seem to have come back now and,
*I* didn't DO anything to get them back !!1

Mystified !!!!