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Full Version: Have stars and ranks
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In the forum team, how do you add this to it; [Image: shtTN.png] with the stars, group, and avatar.

Also when they post how do you add this; [Image: GFmXU.png] with the stars, and group, and badge?
Admin CP > Users & Groups > Groups > Edit User Group

You can then set different images for each group (User Stars) & (Group Image)
Yea, but actually earn the stars by posting.
Maybe try Karma Stars. You can find that on the Mods site.
Not that.
How to earn stars by posting:

For stars for posting to show up with the forum team images:

1) Go into each usergroup and remove the display name, and move the image to the box directly below that one.
2) Have your post count ranks set up.
3) Enjoy! Wink