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Full Version: Neg Rep Log?
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I've noticed fewforums have negreplog.php

Like HackForums, where do I get this.
Can you share other forum other that HF that uses such file?
<snip - hacking> they had it before they shut down site

Umm I posted link to a forum but it dissapeared?

What is " <snip - hacking>" ?
Please do not link to sites with hacking or unethical content, especially considering users are forced to signup to view that page.

I believe there was such a plugin over at MyBB Central but it had an SQL injection vulnerability.

Download link has been removed, if you still want the plugin then you can contact the original poster.
No by core, you need a plugin to do this.

You can request a plugin in the Plugins Requests forum, or ask for help in the Plugins Development forum if you choose to write your own plugin.