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Full Version: How many users at a time?
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Hello everyone,
I will admit to being a newbie here. Recently, I have been using MYBB 1.6 and am extremely impressed. I have a website idea that I want to do and need a little info and a lot of advice. My questions are:

1) Typically, how many users can be on a single forum site at any given moment and how many registered users at one forum. What is the maximum and what is the optimum?

2) I would like to run multiple Forums with completely different configurations. Can the registered user on one forum have acsess on the second, without having to reregister and would there be issues with communications, such as Email.

I would like to say "THANKS" in advance and that I am more of a rusty newbie. I've been away doing other things and now need to play catchup. If you could explain in laymens terms and if it is mindboggling terminology, newbie terms too.

1. There is no exact number how much people can be online and in one forum, it can be million if you have users like that and if your host can take it.
2. And for this take a look on 4th post i am not sure does it work but you can try. (don't forget to make backup of your files etc etc etc) Smile