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Forum that's dedicated to support such as troubleshooting, web design, graphics, coding and computing. There's also some off topic forums and more to come depending on the Suggestions we get.

If you feel it could be doing with another section added then feel free to post your feedback and suggestions here:

Forums are bare at the moment people. We would like it if anyone at all could contribute in any way by posting tutorials, graphic resources or anything else you may have that's useful.

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-Remove tabs
-Too many forums
-Nothing unique on your site compared to all the other support sites.
Too many forums, but really toooo many. In my opinion it's not so good to make VIP subs when you have only 10-50 members as you have. But that's just me. I like your userbars of groups, but i am not sure does they fit with the theme. Good luck with your forum!
I made every tab for a reason and yes there's only 10 members it was only put up on the Net yesterday.
I believe you made it for reason but it's too much for now. And yes i got it you puted it yesterday on net, exact reason why i think you should not have VIP members.
I made it just to get everything over and done with to be honest. I like to get everything done whilst I have the time. I suppose its some good information to take in to consideration in my situation.