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UziGaming is for gaming fanatics, game reviewers, and hardcore players. We have a range of different things, such as game reviews, we host gaming events and tournaments, discuss the latest gaming news, discuss consoles, and much more! If you would like a little break from all the gaming discussion, we have a "General Discussion" forum where you can discuss anything (as long as it's permitted). We have a custom theme, coded by icy, our very own Administrator. The red, white and blue style goes well with the whole gaming-styled layout. UziGaming is made up of members from many different/larger online communities, such as XboxMB, TheTechGame, Se7ensins and HackForums. We have purchased advertisement stickied threads through HackForums in the past. We have graphic designers, Minecraft players, coders, developers and many over people with many different talents.

Posts: 705
Users: 29
Threads: 79


Customised Premium Membership page
Dozens of achievable awards
Joinable groups
Tabs for different sections.
Friendly community.
Staff who are always willing to assist you.
Active community.
Dark colour scheme (blue and black).


We have an option to purchase your own "official" usergroup. An official usergroup includes having access to your own sub-forum for discussions on various subjects, your own username colour, your own usergroup image, user-stars, user-title and many other advantages. This is a one-time cost of $30.00 which must be sent as a "Gift" through PayPal to the email address I provide. If you are unable to use Adobe Photoshop to create the usergroup image, please contact me through my website and I'll get it done for you.


On UziGaming we have a powerful award system created by Labrocca from MyBB Central. This allows us to reward members for their contributions, activity and their posts. Right now, we have over 20 achievable awards in our system. Some of the awards include an award for following us on Twitter, promoting us through YouTube, donating to our forum, making a certain amount of posts, and participating in our events.

Your site is utterly broke in firefox.

[Image: dq5KNs.png]

Besides this you have way to many sections using tabs all the common mistakes.

Wish people would stop copying HF for once Undecided
OP, this section is for advertising your own forum. This isn't the place to advertise other peoples sites.