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Full Version: My First Forum
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[Image: logo.gif]

Hey everyone check out Mahzoo just started it a few days ago and needing feedback its a all in one community forum. Also looking for staff if anyone is interested Angel

Website just opened Thursday so not alot of people joined yet.
Since its an "all in one" community i have no clue how to properly criticize the amount of tabs / sections but i really think you have way to many. And please don't use tabs Undecided

You don't need a reception and lounge both are more or less the same thing.

What i honestly would do is:
  • Lounge
    • Announcements, news and feedback
    • Introduce yourself
    • General chit chat
    Various discussion topics (no clue what kind of name you could take for this category)
    • Music
    • Films & TV
    • Gaming
    • Sports
    • Graphics
    • Marketplace
    • Technician

* Bold parts are categories

I would also remove the VIP section (you have 11 members there is no reason for something like that). And also dont use a shoutbox at least not so early on i think. Though again with your topic i am not sure if it would or would not work.
I appreciate your help although I think the tabs make it look neater and for people who don't really know about forums it also makes it easier for them to follow, was aiming on a nice small neat forum. Scrolling is a pain!

Thanks for your feedback ill take what you said into consideration.
Tabs are somtimes annoying it all depends if you have to many of them and the amount of forums in each tab.
I like the logo and the overall forum look. Congratulations and good luck with your first forum.
I like it Dell, the theme looks nice!

I have registered and here are the Pros/Cons:

Pro's: (there will be less because I am looking for cons)

> Like the logo, looks professional
[Image: 2sRYb.png]

> I like the group legend:
[Image: P0AUa.png]


> Your forum icons need to be transparent, you see a tacky box behind them:
[Image: rEnyx.png]

> You have Tabs...If you have to add tabs to make your site look more organized then you are starting off with too many.
[Image: 9xfPG.png]

> You should add the "Signature" ability for is an incentive.

> You need group images. (for admin, members, etc.)

> Add some current'y have none:

> Get rid of the post icons, kind of tacky.

> The text box when typing the body of a thread is going off of the box area:
[Image: OVwLp.png]

> Get a new set of smilies

> The main tabs aren't organized very well, I think help should be the last one.

> I noticed when submitting a post, the "load" circle is broken:
[Image: RzyJB.png]

Well, hope I helped a little bit. If you disagree with anything I said please say. They were all off of opinion Big Grin
Lol another thread where I'll end up debating with owner about how useless and unnecessary tabs are...
Thanks alot Nobby brilliant feedback taking it all into consideration.. Im going to put yahoo emotions on Toungue And do you have any idea how to fix the load circle or type box as I am new to this Big Grin? And doing the userbars as we speak.
Tabs. I had tabs on my board once. I thought it looked nice Big Grin. I wanted my board to not look like a forum.

If the reason you want need tabs is because you want the board to look like a blog or a website then redirect index.php to portal permanently and make a portal page with all the "bloggy" looking things.

OR totally redesign the index so it is less tabular. Do anything apart from hide a load of content from viewers. The average forum user will be bewildered - they are looking for the index they know. The website blog reader will go "meh, forum" anyway.

Do you really need all those "chat" forums? Make them into one.
Nice forum!
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