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Full Version: TheGamingZone Forums. My first one!
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So guys, I made this forums a few days ago and it is my first ever one!

It is a gaming forums, where people talk about there gaming "banter".

The theme is abit plain i know but i am going to look for another one when i have my homepage&plugins installed.

Comment back with your views/advise.... thanksSmile
Too many sections, try to avoid the "gaming" niche and focus on one particular game.
thanks for your feedback...i will take it into thought.
Took me four clicks to get to a thread. Main Forum > Subforum > Another subforum > Thread.

Ok theme, ok plugin selection, nothing orginal forum wise, no members, and no content. At least make some posts on gaming to give you some content if you want to get any chance at a guest to sign up and become a member.
Not really liking the theme, try to try some other ones!

Good luck.