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Full Version: Question About Logo
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First of all - thanks to the people who have created this forum.

I would like to know if it's ok to change the logo in the top left of the program to something else. I would keep the stuff at the bottom showing who created the program etc.

If you are not allowed to change it, how come a lot of custom templates do not have it in the top corner?

Any help would be great.

To add a custom logo, just overwrite the /images/logo.gif in your forum folder with your own image or upload your logo with a different name and change the logo details in the theme your using.

Admin Control Panel > Themes > Modify / Delete > MyBB Default (or the one your using) > Forum Logo
You are allowed to change the logo to a different picture.

Aww, lost to MiNT :p

This thread is at the wrong forum anyway, it should be shifted to General Support.
xiaozhu Wrote:Aww, lost to MiNT :p
sorry xiaozhu Toungue