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Full Version: How can I change the underline?
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Hello. I got a issue with my forum. There is a underline of every member and every topic etc.. I don't really want this. Is there a solution for this? It should be off the THEME I use but I don't know what I need to change to fix this. Thank you for your time reading my problem, hopefully some one who knows the solution.

Here is a picture:
[Image: ebc1o1.png]

Here is link to the website the problem with:
Go to Themes -> Your Theme -> global.css -> Find template a:link

You will find under that template Text Decoration remove that "underline" from there Smile
I removed every line of Underline in global.css, but it is still there :\
Hm i just reloaded your forum and there is no underlines Smile
i am having the same problem please fix for me?