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Full Version: Spacing
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Well I have some spacing problems on things located in the post bit. Anyone know where and how I can get this back to default?

Here is some images to clarify.

[Image: b89700dcf14d061764881b82a61e0d24.png?1353220778]

[Image: a473bcc44ee32de052b659f723e17ec1.png?1353220788]
Most likely a <br /> tag. Check the postbit templates for the theme that you are using and experiment around until you get the desired result.
I checked the post bit and post bit classic template and found no extra tags.
Could you provide your forum URL and a testing account? Smile
AdminCP -> Templates & Style -> Your Theme -> Global.css -> Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode

Find .menu img and remove padding-right:5px; from the class.
That did it man thanks!