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Full Version: make a landing page for the forum
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I tried GetSimple CMS but the problem was that it required a double login. I want to have a landing page that shows some artwork (I have an art forum), and maybe some other things, but it needs to be something that does not require a login. Might be a tall order these days (smile).

I'm going to keep looking until I hear from someone and maybe I will find something in the mean time.

thanks a bunch

oh... and I'd like to have some menus too.
Jumper, I can probably help you out with a landing page and it can be linked up to the forum as well with login. It depends on how you want to display it all.

Pm me.
I would also like to have a landing page since I'm advertising my site on Adsense.
There is a GREAT tutorial by Pavemen on how to do this - go to his site:
Could you not use the Portal Page and pull the announcements from a specified board?
That is what Pavemen's tutorial is about Seabody Toungue