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Full Version: Display latest thread
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Is there anyway to display the latest thread posted from a specific board where displayed on the screenshot?

Thanks in advance.
Anyone help on this?
You just want one thread at the top of the forum?
Yes that is correct, inside the orange box Smile

but this one thread is the most recent thread posted.
and just the link. I am wondering if you can get that as the last thread without a query, especially as it is from a specific forum on the board.

Nope. Hmm. Well, you are already using a plugin to get the latest threads, so you can modify that and have one that just get that one thread link from that one board. Basically make a copy of it and give it a different name so the plugin still works.

Check out Vernier's making plugins tutorial.
Well I wanted it to show the latest thread and its name for example lets say I Posted "Hello Leefish" then that would display there BUT

then another thread called "thanks for your input" was posted in it would then display that there.

Please see my edit. If you want more help I of course will help you.
Thanking you Big Grin